Peter Waples-Crowe

Peter Waples-Crowe — 'Functional Junkie', 2024

Good Grief So Gay!! is a series of collage paintings refencing the iconic gay western artist Tom of Finland. The series uses Tom of Finland's erotic images to contrast the artists own queer mob sexuality and culture.
The works serve as a way of working through grief after a long-term relationship ended by the death of the artist's partner. The artist has explored the queer leather subculture, finding fun, joy and connections but in these works holds a position of reflection and critique of the experience. 

Peter Waples-Crowe is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice explores the intersection of an indigenous queer identity, spirituality and Australia's ongoing colonisation. Influenced by his adoption and a later reconnection to his Ngarigo heritage, Peter's art comments on the world as a contested site for his multiple identities. Referencing many disparate ideas and themes, his work is autoethnographic by nature, and largely based on personal experiences.


Main Gallery

Curated by Kait James

June 29 – August 3 2024

In the Wadawurrung language, ‘moombarra’ translates to ‘stick it up your arse’. This seemingly irreverent phrase encapsulates a profound commentary on the complexities of Indigenous identity, and the ongoing struggles against racism and tokenism. Moombarra delves into the depths of Blak humour, confronting issues of cultural appropriation, stereotyping and the pervasive impact of colonialism on Indigenous communities.

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Material: synthetic polymer paint and collaged paper on canvas

Dimensions: 46 x 61cm

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