Caro Pattle

Caro Pattle — Monument (Umber), 2023

Monument (Umber) is a hand-coiled velvet tribute to the Neolithic stone monument as a cultural artifact with a function shrouded by time. The work has a highly crafted undulating surface which references geological strata and is likewise formed slowly. Monument (Umber) recreates the blurred boundary between human culture and the natural world as manifested in the original roughly hewn stone monuments.

Caro Pattle is a textile artist based in Naarm/Melbourne. Her experimental object-based practice explores handcraft processes through a lens of contemporary materiality. She draws from a range of craft disciplines to create works that joyfully muddle organic and synthetic, past and present and functional and non-functional binaries. Her work is underpinned by ongoing research into historical and current, material culture, animism, and domestic worlds. Embedded across all of her output is a sense of pleasure and play. Pattle's practice spans large-scale public art installation through to objects for interiors.

Named the Australian Textile Graduate of the Year by the Design Institute of Australia, 2020 Pattle has had her work presented at the inaugural NGV Melbourne Design Fair and selected for the group exhibitions: Improper Structures, By/Product and Welcome. Pattle completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts, 2009 and a Bachelor of Textiles, 2019 at RMIT.


Melbourne Design Fair 2023

May 19- June 21

Read more about this years MDF here.

The Melbourne Design Fair 2023 is curated by the National Gallery of Victoria and delivered in collaboration with the Melbourne Art Foundation.

Material: Velvet, galvanised steel 

Dimensions:  60 x 38 x 32cm

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