Camille Laddawan

Camille Laddawan — Intervals - Diatonic, 2023

Intervals is a series of long script-like beadings, embedded with various musical scales. For Craft Victoria, Laddawan has transcribed three scales used in Thai, Greek and Western music. Scales are the structures for the way we understand the organisation of sound and its affects. Each noted scale constitutes a different kind of musical language, producing a diverse combination of sounds and unique feelings. This series continues Laddawan's investigation of language and how it is constructed and communicated.

Beading artist Camille Laddawan weaves seed beads on looms with a visual language system she has developed called ‘Tone Code’. Through the use of code, her work comments on the nature of institutional language, and the difficulties of navigating it. By drawing on personal experiences of coming into contact with legal, welfare and healthcare bodies, Camille’s work seeks to make these experiences and ways of communication visible. Laddawan’s process is rhythmic, taking long periods of focus to count and thread, balancing the tension that draws each individual bead together. Laddawan holds a Bachelor of Visual Communication from Monash University and a Master of Art Therapy from La Trobe University.


Melbourne Design Fair 2023

May 19- June 21

Read more about this years MDF here.

The Melbourne Design Fair 2023 is curated by the National Gallery of Victoria and delivered in collaboration with the Melbourne Art Foundation.

Material: glass beads, thread 

Dimensions:  87mm x 450mm (unframed)

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