Amina Briggs

Amina Briggs — 'Ya Feckin' Burn It!', 2024



This piece explores the mistreatment of this country by the blue person. The blue person who embodies bigotry, a recurring character in Amina's work , is holding a fork to indicate who was making the toast, showing that they burnt it. It is due to their lack of consideration that the Portable Network Graphic (PNG) hand is frustrated. The PNG hand represents First Nations people. The purpose of a PNG is to indicate a transparent background that anything can be put over. 
Even though this work depicts the destruction of the country and First Nations people being fed up with mistreatment, it can also reflect a much broader meaning for any minority group facing injustice in Australia. Hence, you can put anything in the MNG hand.
"The two hands chained together represent how we're both stuck in this country and forced to co-exist, despite our animosity towards one another."

Amina Briggs is a Boonwurrung, Ugar and Erub multi-disciplinary artist best known for her digital art and mural work that explores themes of culture, identity, feminism, and racism. Her work reflects her unique perspectives on the world around her in a contemporary style. 


Main Gallery

Curated by Kait James

June 29 – August 3 2024

In the Wadawurrung language, ‘moombarra’ translates to ‘stick it up your arse’. This seemingly irreverent phrase encapsulates a profound commentary on the complexities of Indigenous identity, and the ongoing struggles against racism and tokenism. Moombarra delves into the depths of Blak humour, confronting issues of cultural appropriation, stereotyping and the pervasive impact of colonialism on Indigenous communities.

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Material: acrylic on canvas

Dimensions: 102 x 102cm

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