Misseu — 'Isso', Fish Bowl, 2024


Isso is a fishbowl series that plays with the complexities of perception. Through warped optics, it challenges the viewer to reconsider their understanding of the world and the lens through which they perceive it. By distorting our paradigm, it prompts introspection into the subjective nature of our individual perspectives. The fish represents our rudimentary self, with minimal self-awareness it attempts to see the world for what it is. With each gaze into its mesmerising depths, it invites contemplation on the fluidity of truth and the ever-shifting boundaries of perception.


Misseu is a Naarm/Melbourne-based experimental design studio working across lighting and object design. With a specialisation in the medium of glass, Misseu is an evolving practice sitting at the intersection between art and design. The studio takes inspiration from traditional Venetian glass-manufacturing techniques, modifying and adapting these techniques for modern application and interpretation. By combining innovation and tradition, the studio takes the inherent qualities of glass beyond conventional practice, producing pieces that question traditional design philosophy.



16 Mar - 4 May 2024

PET SHOP is an exhibition exploring the paraphernalia and accoutrement dedicated to pet animals, wildlife and animal husbandry. The exhibition considers our coexistence with animals and how we have adapted our living spaces to accommodate their needs and habits in objects of craft and design.


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Material: glass

Dimensions: 20cm diameter

Please note, all works will be available for collection at the end of the exhibition on May 4. For shipping enquiries, please contact shop@craft.org.au who will be available to provide an Art Courier quote.  

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