Jay Jurrupula

Jay Jurrupula– 'Marebu (Woven Pandanus Mat)', Wall Hanging


Bedibembi Country


A Marebu is a traditionally woven mat, which is made from natural, locally sourced materials from the Kakadu/West Arnhem Region. Weavers gather fresh kunngobarn (pandanus), from the young leaves in the middle of the palm using a hooked stick called a manmarli, once harvested in large quantities. Kunggobarn is then striped into two, split into fine strands and dried. Once dried, the pandanus is then ready for dying.  


Natural dyes are also collected out on Country in various times of the year dependent on weather systems. In Kakadu and West Arnhem Land there are six seasons, Kudjewk (Monsoon season, Dec – March), Bangkerreng (‘Knock ‘em down’ storm season, April), Yekke (Cooler (but still humid) season, May-June), Wurrkeng (Cold weather season, June- ug), Kurrung (Hot dry weather, Aug-Oct) and Kunumeleng (Pre-monsoon storm season, Oct-Dec). These dyes are dependent on these seasons and fruit, blossom or grow specifically in these times, for example Windilk (seeds from Haemodorum coccineum plant), only grows in Kudjewk, much like Rosella, only grows in Yekke.

Marrawuddi Arts & Culture is a vibrant art centre and gallery, owned and governed by the Mirarr Traditional Owners. Engaging over 500 artists from in and around Kakadu, Marrawuddi Arts & Culture showcases the culture of the Kakadu and West Arnhem region. The art centre supports artists across different disciplines such as painting, screen-printing, weaving, photography and sculpture. 

Marrawuddi is the Kundjeyhmi word for White Belly Sea-Eagle, a bird commonly found around Kakadu and West Arnhem Land. 

Marrawuddi Arts & Culture are member of the Indigenous Art Code and ANKA (Arnhem, Northern and Kimberley Artists), the peak advocacy and support body for Aboriginal artists and Art Centres across Northern Australia. 

Material: pandanus (pandanus spiralis) and natural dyes

Dimensions:  38cm

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