Yen Qin

Yen Qin – 'Dynasty Drift, 2023


In her 'Faux Celadon' works, Georgina Yen Qin Lee draws on the history of Chinese celadon ceramics to explore emotional landscapes of diaspora and a pursuit to connect with her heritage that is simultaneously intimate and elusive. The forms, while attempting to echo the form and grace of their ancient predecessors, carry an undercurrent of modern day tension, wrestling with the complexities of cultural memory. The work embodies futility and longing that accompany Lee's journey to connect with lost lineage. In the endeavour to grasp the past, the work highlights the spaces where the intangible slips away, offering a testament to both remembrance and the passage of time and cultural distance.

Yen Qin is the studio practice of Georgina Yen Qin Lee, an emerging ceramicist based in Naarm/Melbourne. Georgina uses the medium of ceramics to explore her personal experience as an Australian-born Chinese Malaysian, where feelings of both shame and reverence for her culture permeate through her work. All works are made by Georgina and fired in her studio in Abbotsford, Victoria. She has degrees in Mechanical Engineering (Monash University), Art History (University of Melbourne) and Visual Art (Victorian College of the Arts). She developed her ceramic practice at the School of Clay and Art under Neville French.

Everyone’s heard of a dragon  

Curated by James Lemon and Bobby Corica

11 November  23 – 27 January 24 

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Material: porcelaineous stoneware, glaze, rosewood

Dimensions: approx. 12 x 30cm

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