Troy Emery

Troy Emery — 'lovesong (monochrome with two spheres)' Sculpture, 2024


Troy Emery is the custodian of two cats, BaoBao and Stella. One could say his world revolves around his cats and their world around him. lovesong (monochrome with two spheres) is dedicated to this cross-species relationship. The work presents as a near familiar, animal-esque sculpture covered in pink cotton rope. The form escapes recognition as it seemingly morphs from one species into something a little more otherworldly. The two planet-like balls are suggestive of cosmic entities and draw a parallel between the celestial relationships of planets orbiting stars and the intimate connections we share with our beloved pets. We coexist with our pets, our lives dancing around one another. Made using tightly coiled rope (not too dissimilar to that of a scratching post), the work is intended to be playful. A joyous celebration for our love of animals.


Troy Emery lives and works as an artist in Naarm/Melbourne. Troy works primarily with textiles in a sculptural practice to produce figurative forms and imagery. His artwork examines the discourse surrounding our positioning within the natural world. Troy is interested in the boundaries between fine art, museums, natural history, craft, and the domestic space, seeing his works as blurring between each of these thresholds. Troy’s work also looks at his own personal anxiety as well as a collective anxiety around our position within nature. He has exhibited his work across Australia and internationally since graduating from a Master of Fine Arts at The University of Sydney in 2009. Troy is represented by Michael Reid Gallery. 



16 Mar - 4 May 2024

PET SHOP is an exhibition exploring the paraphernalia and accoutrement dedicated to pet animals, wildlife and animal husbandry. The exhibition considers our coexistence with animals and how we have adapted our living spaces to accommodate their needs and habits in objects of craft and design.


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Material: cotton rope, polyurethane, epoxy, adhesive, screws, pins

Dimensions: 53 x 73 x 34 cm

Please note, all works will be available for collection at the end of the exhibition on May 4. For shipping enquiries, please contact who will be available to provide an Art Courier quote.  

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