Theodosius Ng

Theodosius Ng — 'Spike Catchall' Dish, in Red


This catchall is a sculptural vessel that encourages contemplation and intention, enriching your daily ritual. Suitable for containing precious metals, memories and ash.

Theodosius Ng is a ceramic artist and designer based in Melbourne/Naarm.
Inspired by their queerness, chronic illness and immigrant experience, Ng is curious
about exploring the extraneous within the familiar through cultural, ritual, and spiritual
concepts - revealing an inherent need to find pattern, beauty, and ritual. Their works blur
the boundary between form and function and aims to co-create and collaborate with nature and community. He has an associate Degree, Interior Decoration and Design from RMIT and attended School of Clay & Art, Brunswick. 

Material: stoneware, glaze

Dimensions:  13 x 7 x 7cm

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