Thannie Phan

Thannie Phan — 'A Distension 2', Sculptural Vessel


“A Distension” is an assembly of very thin coils that have been stacked, joined, and pinched upward to slowly create its form. The surface is stamped with diluted oxides and glazes, and scratched back with the edge of a metal rib prior to the second firing. The vessel grows bloated in the middle, then tries to fold inwards, closing onto itself.

Thannie Phan of ‘Gốm Maker’ is an artist and ceramicist born in Kien Giang, Vietnam. She grew up in Sai Gon and Singapore, lived in Auckland, Sydney (Gadigal Country) and now based in Naarm (Melbourne, Australia).

Her works are hand-built through the technique of pinching coils, using layers of slips, oxides, and glazing thorugh brushing or stamping. The vessels are light, the edges are raw and the palette is restrained. Her practice is a physical interpretation of the stories she writes on where she is, where she was, and the people surrounding her life.

Material: stoneware, slip, glaze

Dimensions: approx. 24 x 25 x 25cm

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