Tantri Mustika

Tantri Mustika — 'Rangda the Demon Queen Vessel', 2023


This gold lustered vessel is an offering to Rangda, a fearsome and iconic character in Balinese mythology. Rangda is often portrayed as a menacing and grotesque figure with wild hair, sharp fangs, and bulging eyes, symbolising the embodiment of evil and chaos. She is believed to be a powerful witch or demon queen who commands an army of malevolent spirits. Rangda represents the dark, destructive forces. This vessel sets a scene of Rangda haunting villagers with her sidekick demon pal Rakshasa.

Tantri Mustika is a Melbourne-based ceramicist who makes unique and colourful ceramics by incorporating meticulously hand-stained and marbled clays, mimicking characteristics of natural stones. Her interest in the material capabilities of clay can be seen as a catalyst of her practice; producing small batches allows each piece to be unique and one of a kind through the techniques employed.

Everyone’s heard of a dragon  

Curated by James Lemon and Bobby Corica

11 November  23 – 27 January 24 

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Material: stoneware, glaze, gold lustre

Dimensions: approx.  38 x 17cm

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