Tammy Gilson

Tammy Gilson — 'Beenyak Murrun (Living Basket)', 2024

Beenyak Murrun (Living Basket) has been designed and made to replicate a basket currently held in a museum collection off Country. The basket in the museum was made by a Wadawurrung matriarch and has been dated to the 1850s. Its is titled Beenyak Murrun, which translates to 'living basket' in Wadawurrung language. The woven pattern portrays a stylised theme of basketry and holds the transfer of knowledge for the next generations. Woven from flax lily, the piece showcases a tangible example of lived experience. 

Tammy Gilson is a proud Wadawurrung woman renowned for her expertise as a multi award-winning weaver and Blak designer. Tammy's journey is deeply intertwined with layers of biocultural knowledge connecting with Wadawurrung people, Country and the broader demographic. Her dedication to preserving and nurturing traditional processes is reflected in her work expressing cultural integrity and pride.
Tammy's artistic prowess creating baskets, woven objects and atonements has gained significant recognition over the past six years. Her work not only showcases her exceptional skills, but also serves as a powerful medium for cultural expression and preservation.
Tammy continues to inspire and educate others about the importance of cultural continuity and the deep connections between people, Country and culture. 


Main Gallery

Curated by Kait James

June 29 – August 3 2024

In the Wadawurrung language, ‘moombarra’ translates to ‘stick it up your arse’. This seemingly irreverent phrase encapsulates a profound commentary on the complexities of Indigenous identity, and the ongoing struggles against racism and tokenism. Moombarra delves into the depths of Blak humour, confronting issues of cultural appropriation, stereotyping and the pervasive impact of colonialism on Indigenous communities.

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Material: woven flax lily

Dimensions: 23 x 14 x 23cm

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