Sunggee Min

Sunggee Min — Silver Gum Necklace


Sunggee Min is a Melbourne based jewellery designer who works predominantly in silver and semi-precious stones, and by commission in gold. His contemplative practice draws from a background in Philosophy and Literature, as well as formal training in Jewellery and Product design from NMIT.

This combination of disciplines results in the purposeful use of natural materials, reconfigured by the casting process to become jewellery, but bearing the characteristics of the natural world from which they are derived. Sunggee's work celebrates the delicate elements of Australian native flora.

Each piece is carefully cast and handcrafted to reflects Min's reverence for the surrounding landscape.As a maker Min enjoys the fact that his jewellery may be appreciated by their owner. He also aims to create pieces with respect for traditional techniques.

The simple clarity of nature as a reference point provides a strong and thoughtful basis for a new language of ornament clearly identifiable with Sunggee’s practice. The casting process used means that Sunggee is able to make every item unique.

Materials: sterling silver with two citrine stones 

Dimensions: The chain and pendant (when doubled) are approximately 29cm in length. 

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