Shimara Carlow

Shimara Carlow— Citrine Set in 18ct Gold and Oxidised Sterling Silver Ring


Round citrine stone, set in warm 18ct gold, contrasted brilliantly with a dark oxidised sterling silver ring. Striking on it's on, or worn stacked with Shimara's Pink Tourmaline or Pink Sapphire rings. 

Shimara Carlow is a jewellery artist living and working in Spotswood / Yalukit-willam (Melbourne / Naarm). 

Shimara's jewellery has been inspired by natural forms, with particular interest in seedpods. She has created a body of work based on pod-like structures, using silver, 18ct gold and precious stones. A formally trained jeweller and silversmith, Shimara utilises techniques including reticulation, hammer texturing, raising, fabrication and forming

Materials: citrine, 18ct gold, sterling silver

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