Sguscio Studio

Sguscio Studio — The Fuoco Charm Bracelet


This bracelet features handmade circular chain links made from 925 silver. The chain features a 925 silver charm with three lab-grown Rubies


Bobby Corica is a visual artist and jewellery designer based inNaarm/Melbourne. 

Using recycled precious metals and ethically sourced gemstones, his work is forged through the use of the lost-wax casting process, fusing, and traditional chain-making techniques. These traditional techniques are framed by a self-directed learning style and a lack of 'formal' training has led to a more adaptive and intuitive approach to his practice.

Through his practice, he explores and references ideas of biology, particularly on the theories of genetics and inheritance. Oscillating between magical and macabre, his practice references cursed objects, fantasy, punk aesthetics, and Italo-Australian tropes.


Materials: 925 Silver, Lab Rubies

Dimensions: approx. 19cm Long

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