Sandra Bowkett — Wood Fired Pourer


Sandra Bowkett is one of Australia’s preeminent potters. Living and working near Tallarook in Central Victoria her work is governed by the daily interaction between clay and body. Her need to make the ‘useable’ has kept her focus on tableware. Currently her works moves between finely handmade porcelain vessels decorated with elemental designs painted in metal oxides and a return to wood fired thrown tableware. A three month Asia link residency in India has been pivotal to this recent direction. During these three months she developed, under the tutoring of village potters, a new way of making on the pottery wheel leading to a loosening aesthetic to her thrown forms.  The adventure into wood firing has lead to exploring new clays but revisiting classic glazes. She would like people to have the handmade in their homes and so aims to make objects that are a continual pleasure to use.

Materials: wood fired, shino glazed stoneware. 

Dimensions: diameter 19cm, height 10cm

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