Matea Gluscevic

Matea Gluscevic – 'Finale Chopines', 2023


Originally created for the Nicol & Ford "Comet" runway at Australian Fashion Week 2023. Something between a flying golden dove, Alladin's lamp, and an urn.

These works explore a sense of other-worldy fantasy, while ranging from being wearable to not at all. Some pairs focus on building fantasy through a strong silhouette that takes over the identity of the shoe and the wearer; while other pairs build a sense of fantasy through their materiality and visual richness. Exploring new methods of construction within traditional shoemaking and using non traditional materials has also been incredibly important in the creation of these works eg brass casting heels, unique leather soling and industrial adhesives as sculpting compound.

Matea Gluscevic is an Artisan Shoemaker based in Naarm/Melbourne. Matea has experimented with expressing herself and her creativity through various mediums; sculpture, jewellery, dressmaking, product design, styling, production design, dental technology, dance, event management, and even bodybuilding.

Despite not being quite the right fit, these have all informed and developed her creative aesthetic and approach to craftsmanship. Her work ranges from custom wearable pieces for clients, to more abstract pieces that explore the junction of wearability vs aesthetics. Matea's creative process is mostly dictated by the exploration of various materials and processes, and how they can be reframed and reapplied to create new methods of making.

Everyone’s heard of a dragon  

Curated by James Lemon and Bobby Corica

11 November  23 – 27 January 24 

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Material: Australian pine, gold fabric, leather, vintage cord, crystal trim, diamante
trim, rhinestones, cellulose board, EVA foam, rubber, steel tacks

Dimensions: approx. 45 x 25 x 25cm. Size 41EU

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