Lucy Tolan

Lucy Tolan — Rock Pressed Tile Vessel in Red

The Tile Vessel Series are slab-built vessels. The textured slabs are cut and layered upon one another, slip oozes from in between the slabs. Each vessel is watertight and functions as a vase.

Lucy Tolan is a ceramic artist based in Naarm/Melbourne. Utilising a combination of pinch and slab building techniques she begins hand building each piece before adding repetitive patterns and bold colours to their finishes. Her objects are informed by modernist architecture and textile like qualities, combining soft and hard. She is concerned with juxtaposing form and texture to create both tension and harmony.

Tolan has exhibited and participated in the Craft Victoria Member's Vitrine, 2020, Craft Poster Gallery, 2020, Virtual Makers in Residence at Craft, 2020 and Vivid Nostalgia at Modern Times, 2022. Tolan completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts specialising in ceramics at RMIT, 2018.

Material: Porcelain, glaze, underglaze. The exterior has a matte porcelain
finish with bold red seams and a white gloss interior glaze. Watertight

Dimensions: approx. 22cm x 13cm x 11.5cm

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