Louise Meuwissen

Louise Meuwissen — 'Portal, Let the wisdom in your palms and the knowledge in your fingers guide you (silver pearls)' 2019


Louise Meuwissen's wearable works are painterly sculptures to adorn the body. Distillations of Meuwissen's largescale sculptural works, these intimately sized pieces are made with re-purposed dress jewellery which has been dissembled and hand-embroidered into intricate abstract designs. 

Visually inspired by the ypnotist's wheel and symbols of spiritual balance, these works are conceptualised as portals for the body to pass through – practical magic spells for the wearer to cast anew at each wearing, adoring oneself or another with intention. 

Louise Meuwissen is an Australian textile artist, living and working on Wurundjeri country. Working with fabric, found material and embroidery she creates paintings, sculptures and wearable art. Meuwissen's work considers the complex individual and collective relationships we form with objects, how they come to embody meaning and value, and carry energy. Her work is informed by adornment and decoration, craft, and the fluxing of fashion - underpinned by discardure and collecting, and the interplay between labour and luxury. Her most recent bodies of work consider the unknowable and the invisible, informed by research investigating devotion, the Sublime, hoarding, storytelling and mythology.

Meuwissen has exhibited across Australia including Heide, Craft and Felt Space. She has completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting) (Printmaking) at the Victorian College of the Arts, 2013.

Material: glass, pearls, beads

Dimensions: approx. 10.5 x 1.5cm x 6cm internal diameter

Care Instructions: Store away from direct sunlight and take care not to expose to make-up, sunscreen, moisturisers or toothpaste. Pieces can be spot cleaned using luke-warm water and baby-soap and dried immediately with hair-dryer using coldest setting. 

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