Lex Stobie

Lex Stobie — Fair and Square Tray in American Walnut


A beautiful gift to share. The Fair and Square Tray was originally commissioned as part of a 'set' of objects which would sit within a 450mm square space. The board is crafted by hand in Lex Stobie's Adelaide-based furniture studio. 

New Zealand-born Lex Stobie is hands on with his product from concept to completion. There is an honesty and ingenuity to Lex Stobie’s work that has seen his pieces become sought-out among admirers of the Danish aesthetic. His work is all about shared knowledge, locally sourced eco-friendly timbers and taking the time to do the job right.

Stobie shares his George Street Studio in Thebarton ­with five other artisans, allowing him to draw on a wide range of experience and know-how in a friendly, cooperative environment. The large studio is sited in a buzzing arts-focused area of inner-urban Adelaide, where innovation and creativity flourish.

Materials: American Walnut

Dimensions: approx. 30cm x 1.5cm 

Please note - each tray may vary slightly from the image shown, due to the natural variation in timber grain 

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