Lauren Joffe

Lauren Joffe — 'Hold', 2023

'Hold' is a large sculptural vessel made in response to the artist's feelings about her self-identity as an immigrant torn between two places of belonging.
Home and belonging is Cape Town, the place where her ancestors lived, the place of her origin. But she also belongs to home in Melbourne, her safe and secure place, a place of familiarity, comfort, and emotional attachments. This piece encompasses these two sites, the black and white of the glaze representative of her two homes, similar but distinct, separate but more meaningful together. 

Lauren Joffe is a ceramic artist born in Cape Town, who immigrated to Melbourne as a child. She studied Fine Art (Gold & Silversmithing) at RMIT and after graduating began her art practice as a contemporary jeweller and object maker, before changing medium to ceramics. Lauren’s work has been exhibited throughout Australia and internationally. She has been a finalist in a number of national and international awards and her work has been acquired by private collectors, RMIT and the Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery.

She hand builds her pieces, which are often large in scale, and is primarily concerned with exploring the aesthetics of the vessel form and in the surfaces of her pieces through mark making and texture.

Materials: stoneware, oxides, slips, glaze

Dimensions: approx.  68 x 55 x 55cm


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