Katherine Hubble

Katherine Hubble — Shell Brooch


Craft is delighted to welcome Melbourne artist and jeweller Katherine Hubble to our stockroom. Katherine's practice investigates new ways of looking at traditional jewellery and is currently undertaking a Masters by Research at RMIT University.

Katherine was selected for Galerie Marzee’s Graduate Show 2017 in the Netherlands and Craft Victoria’s FRESH! In 2016. During her undergraduate studios Katherine was awarded the Wolf Wennrich Award for Excellence in Gold and Silversmithing (2016) and the Emily Hope Award for Figurative Work (2018). 

In the Lustre series, currently on show at Craft, Hubble seeks to reimagine shell jewellery through a contemporary practice. The making of these works employs a combination of industrial processes and traditional jewellery methods to create twenty first century shell jewellery. The Industrial processes of vacuum forming is used to reimagine one of the most traditional ornamental craft motifs of the shell. Contemporary plastics are used to challenge the notion of preciousness with this jewellery materials.


Material: acrylic, polypropylene, polyethylene, vinyl, silver, steel

Dimensions: approx. 2cm x 7cm x 6cm

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