Jan Vogelpoel

Jan Vogelpoel — 'Evolution IV' Sculpture


This hand built, one of a kind sculptural vessel captures the movement of the elements in the striations and rhythm of its piece. Imperfect by design, it echo nature's energy and endurance.

Inspired by the sandstone cliffs and eroded rocks found around the Mornington Peninsula.

Jan Vogelpoel is a sculptural clay artist. Her work combines mid-century design aesthetics with a contemporary minimalist approach. Using hand building, coiling methods she builds forms with a strong focus on raw, natural finishes.

Vogelpoel has been a featured artist at Modern Times and participated in group and solo exhibitions across Australia. Vogelpoel was mentored by established South African ceramic artists Barbara Jackson and Karen Scott as well as completing wheel-throwing courses in Cape Town and Victoria.

Materials: warm white coarse clay

Dimensions: approx. 48 x 27 x 27cm

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