James Lemon

James Lemon — ‘Destiny'


James Lemon is a New Zealand born artist working from Northcote, Melbourne. He explores and experiments with clay as a generative activity to develop works that are sculptural and functional. His hand-thrown pieces are organic and intuitive, with finishes that range from soft, sugary glazes to melting, painterly surfaces.

Known for his ceramic vessels with highly gestural surface abstraction, Lemon’s new series of sculptural forms are highly tactile, playful and dynamic objects. While crafted using traditional methods of hand-building and coiling, his pieces are also warped to express movement and gesture. Their upscaled and warped traditional forms challenge notions of functionality inherent to these objects and expose the material as the agent, a celebration of materiality.

Lemon's work has been acquired by the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) for their permanent collection, and he has created series for Heidi Museum of Modern Art and Craft Victoria.

Materials: Stoneware, Glaze, Enamel Paint 

Dimensions: approx. 30cm x 23cm

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