James Lemon

James Lemon — 'Black Dog' Sculpture, 2024


Stoneware sculpture of artist James Lemon's dog Beatrix.

About Beatrix:

"I had only just immigrated to Australia, and my ex gave me a DOG. Not just any dog, but a small breed. Happy birthday! Here is a 12-17-year commitment. A better gift would've been to just leave.

I wanted to do a show about her one day, so this is just a start. These works are terracotta and stoneware, and they're handbuilt gesturally. I had my partner Bobby make them a necklace. Beatrix has one that she wears around the house to feel beautiful.

I do love this dog, all my heart, all my soul etc. She's never given me in trouble. Always been a good girl. My wiggly little ghost. My darling diva. My mouse to walk."- James Lemon


With a career spanning several years, Lemon creates tactile and dynamic sculptures that blend art and design. His works carry humour and physicality and delve into social and philosophical themes. Lemon’s art features a mix of religious elements, pop culture, and an interest in insects, resulting in colourful and textured sculptures. While clay is his primary medium, Lemon often adds unconventional elements like bricks, stones, and discarded items to enrich his artistic language. 

Pet Shop Shop

16 Mar - 27 May 2024

Presenting works by Bobby Corica, Clumsy, James Lemon, Luke George, Pim Pom, Three Litres

The pet shop of puppy dreams, Craft presents a fantastical pet shop experience like no other. Pick up a hyper-colour hand knotted rope collar and leash from CraftyPuppr (AKA Luke George) or a stylish pet beds handmade by Clumsy that you and your furry friend will be equally proud of. Available for a limited time only.


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Material: stoneware, glaze

Dimensions: approx 27 x 22 x 32cm

Shipping costs may be estimates. Please feel free to contact shop@craft.org.au who will be available to provide an Art Courier quote or shipping costs for larger items.

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