House Editions

House Editions- 'Moon Jar, Velvet Landscape', 2023


Behind the apparent simplicity of colour and form lies a complex philosophy and textured place in Korea's long ceramic history. The Moon Jar was the definition of beauty in 17th-century Korea and attests to a Joseon aesthetic sensibility that appreciated naturalism and spontaneity over rigid perfection. Something in the essence of this vessel continually fascinates potters. There is mutual respect for the technical accomplishment and artistry of the unknown craftsman, from the precarious balance of the form, the detail of the rim and the sensuality of the curve to the perfection of the imperfection.

Moon Jars, due to their size, were traditionally made by joining two hemispherical halves. Recognised as a unique form gaining an almost mythological status spanning history and continents, this enigmatic jar has throughout its history continually inspired translations. We present our translation of this classic piece, a contemporary reworking of the form, smaller in scale and thrown in one piece on the wheel. A pot of certainty, paradox and always slightly imperfect - the Moon Jar truly is a contemplative object.

House Editions is a ceramic design and production studio offering select pieces of ‘the refined domestic’, both strong and fragile in their beauty. Bending classic and traditional ceramic processes, their technique straddles the unique and the modular. Handcraft is important as their practice looks to a sensibility built on centuries of culture and an exchange of tacit knowledge. House Editions continues the porcelain tradition of Jingdezhen to construct a conversation between the preservation and the reinvention of classic motifs, building new relationships between the established and experimental. Their system uses traditional materials and techniques with an edge of contemporaneity, resulting in elevated everyday editions.

Vessel Project

June 1- July 29

The Vessel Project is an exploration of the vessel en masse, as imagined by Melbourne’s most creative practitioners. The showcase continues the examination of modern amphorae in Jugs, and celebrates Craft's curatorial collaboration with the NGV for Vessels – now showing as part of Melbourne Now at The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia. 

Read about the exhibition.

Material: stoneware, porcelain slip, glaze.

Dimensions:  21 x 21 x 21cm

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