House Editions

House Editions – Ball Vase (Stem) in Celadon


Spheres are a symbol of perfection, unity, and balance in many cultures and have been used both functionally and decoratively to add a sense of harmony and balance to ceramics. The rich history of spheres in studio ceramics dates back to ancient times. The Ming Dynasty, in particular, was renowned for producing ceramic spheres called 'Heavenly Globes' which were used as decorative elements in palaces and temples. The ball vase captures the enduring beauty and timeless appeal of the spherical form. Delicately and precisely thrown off the hump in porcelain, with an opening for a single-cut flower. This sphere is an elegant vessel that reflects simplicity and naturalness.

House Editions is a ceramic design and production studio offering select pieces of ‘the refined domestic’, both strong and fragile in their beauty. Bending classic and traditional ceramic processes, their technique straddles the unique and the modular. Handcraft is important as their practice looks to a sensibility built on centuries of culture and an exchange of tacit knowledge. 

House Editions continues the porcelain tradition of Jingdezhen to construct a conversation between the preservation and the reinvention of classic motifs, building new relationships between the established and experimental. Their system uses traditional materials and techniques with an edge of contemporaneity, resulting in elevated everyday editions.


Material: porcelain, glaze 

Dimensions: approx. 9 x 9 x 9cm 

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