Hilary Green

Hilary Green – 'A Bundle of', Sculptural Vessel, 2023


Hand sculpted by Hilary Green. Functional vessel that holds water.

Hilary Green is a ceramic artist and painter based in Melbourne. Her sculptures are inspired by the sea, shell fragments found on the sand as well as the shapes and shadows of rocks. In her work, she explores organic forms and imperfection through her drawing practice and translates them into surreal stoneware sculptures. Hilary is especially interested in the tactility of clay and how she can create the sense of fluidity and movement, leaving imprints of the hand in its hardened state. Her sculptural forms manifest mystical ancient shapes mixed with modern colours, playful positions and textures, whilst remaining functional to represent timeless domesticity.

Material: stoneware, glaze

Dimensions: approx. 34 x 22 x 19cm

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