Hannah Hall

Hannah Hall — 'Everything We Touch', 2023


“In this body of work, collected second-hand textiles such as pillowcases, op-shop fabrics, bedsheets from my grandmother and old clothing are transformed into painterly textile objects. These familiar materials are stained with synthetic and homemade pigments, where household tasks like cooking and laundry become part of the making process, reconsidering how artists separate the studio and home environments.

Through the replication of housework in my process and the use of labour-intensive techniques, such as smocking, this body of work quietly demonstrates visible and invisible labour that takes place in both methods of artmaking, and inside domestic settings. Second hand textiles evoke a familiarity of moments past, responding to unknown memories, bodies and people unique to each material’s history. Here, expanded painting and craft practices collide, seeking to reveal the intimacies and complexities of these personal textile materials.” – Hannah Hall


Hannah Hall is an Naarm/Melbourne-based artist, influenced by modernist abstraction and late 20th century textile art history. Her abstract, textile-based work, contemplates the layered complexities of material, including themes of materiality, craft, labour, domesticity, and memory. Traditional techniques (such as smocking, tucking, pleating, and slashing) merge with staining processes using fruits, vegetables, spices, and synthetic pigments, to create works occupy a hybrid space between expanded painting and craft practices.


Fresh! 2024

3 Feb - 9 March 2024

Fresh! celebrates the next wave of Victorian graduates in contemporary craft and design.

Presented annually since 1993, Fresh! showcases the energy, skill and innovation of some of the best graduating students from craft, design and fine art disciplines. Fresh! provides an important opportunity for graduates beginning their career as makers. The exhibition fosters the potential of graduating students and provides an insight into new directions of contemporary craft.

Fresh! 2024 will mark the 31st iteration of this annual program and exhibition.

Finalists -
Alexandra Groves
Elmira Ng
Hannah Hall
Jing Liang
Ko Jou Chen
Rachel Simoons
Rochelle Morris
Teegan Horat

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Material: unknown synthetic fabric, ink, fabric dye and thread

Dimensions: 41 x 50cm

Please note, all works will be available for collection at the end of the exhibition on March 12. For shipping enquiries, please contact shop@craft.org.au who will be available to provide an Art Courier quote.  

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