Hamish Donaldson

Hamish Donaldson— Nexus Jug in Purple


The NEXUS jug takes a unique approach to the handled jug with a solid glass orb, asking the user to re asses how they interact with this function. giving it sleek aesthetics and playful function.

Hamish Donaldson (He/Him) is a glass artist based in Mornington Peninsula. He comes from a lineage of glass artists, from his grandparent's glass engravings to his parents both being glass blowers. Hamish has been around glass all his life. Gaining his early training in the family's studio before completing the JAM Factory associateship in Adelaide.

Hamish is now based back on the Victorian Mornington peninsula where he is working out of the family studio. He is currently focusing on producing a range of production and art works taking inspiration from the natural world and the deeper mysteries lying within it that can remind us of our deeply connected and interwoven oneness.

Materials: Blown Glass

Dimensions: approx. 20cm x 14cm x 19cm 

1 piece in stock.

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