Georgina Proud

Georgina Proud— Porcelain Tear Vessel, 2022


This work is wheel thrown in porcelain, with blue grog and trachyte added to create a unique speckle. This collection explores the use of cobalt to create blues of all different shades by using a range of different ceramic processes. Some works feature inclusions of sea glass that create drips of a unique blue glaze by picking up the cobalt from the glaze below. The two porcelain pieces include a purpose made blue grog creating a blue speckle throughout the clay body. The ridges on the two corrugated pieces were created on the potter's wheel by the artist's fingers rather than being carved out later. This collection shows how a material such as cobalt, my favourite oxide, can be used in a multitude of ways to introduce colour to clay.

Georgina Proud is a ceramic artist who places a focus on materiality, creating experimental ceramic vessels with inclusions of glass and other found materials. During the firing the pieces of glass melt, creating their own glaze which drips down the surface of the vessel, each drip being a different colour depending on the composition of the glass. She works primarily with wheel-thrown forms exploring methods of collage and assemblage to create distinct sculptural vessels. She enjoys playing with the tension between the functional and sculptural, making work that blurs the lines between the two. Her practice places an emphasis on glaze development with a focus on new textures to add to her ever expanding glaze library. Her work explores the themes of femininity, fragility and strength through bold curves and textured surfaces that are at once both soft and robust.

It's not just blue

November 24 - January 21

A gathering of works by Australian artists, crafts people and designers, in a maximalist exploration of the colour blue in all its hues.  

Anke Kindle / Anna Varendorff / Anne U / Ara Dolatian / Ash Allen / Bastard Ceramics / Camille Laddawan / Caro Pattle / Christopher Plumridge / Curio Practice / Dean Norton / Dean Toepfer / Ebony Russell / Ella Saddington / Georgina Proud / House Editions / Iluka Sax-Williams / Jess Sellinger / Jordan Fleming / Kristin Burgham / Louise Meuwissen / Lucy Tolan / Michael Gittings / Nicole Lawrence / Owen Rye / Real Non-Real / Sguscio / Shimara Carlow / Tara Shackell / Terunobu Hirata / Tia Ansell / Yen Qin

Material: Porcelain, earthenware, cobalt, trachyte, seaglass, glaze

Dimensions: approx.14 x 18 x 17 cm

Please note, works purchased as gifts will be made available for collection by December 20 for the gifting season, all others will remain on exhibition until January 21 

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