Ferro Forma

Ferro Forma — Big Spoons in Stainless Steel


A set of two large stainless steel serving spoons.

The Big Spoons are imagined for serving plates of delicious home-cooked food to family and friends gathered around the table.

The Big Spoons are designed to be use in two ways, the flatter side of the spoons facing inwards when serving from a flat open dish and use the curved side facing inwards to catch those sneaky tomatoes at the bottom of a deep salad bowl.

Presented in a gift box.

Ferro Forma is a metalsmithing workshop run by creative duo Alison Jackson and Dan Lorrimer, based in Wigwigly/Braidwood, NSW. Specialising in handcrafted, small batch edition objects they combine their shared expertise to create contemporary jewellery, flatware and vessels. Using a wide range of traditional and modern metal-forming techniques they pair fine hand skills with hand machining and complex industrial processes, using machinery that spans from the 1850s to today - blending old-world making with contemporary design.

Jackson completed a Bachelor of Arts in Gold and Silversmithing with Honours in 2008, and began her independent studio in 2013. Lorrimer completed a Bachelor of sculpture in 2009 and established his own studio in 2011. The duo joined forces creating Ferro Forma in 2021 and were part of Select for Melbourne Design Week, 2022.

Material: Stainless steel

Dimensions: approx. 8cm x 27cm

6 pieces in stock

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