Emma Bamblett

Emma Bamblett — 'Mob' Printed Teatowel


Emma Bamblett is a proud Wemba Wemba woman with connections to the Ngadjonji, Gunditjmara and Taungurung people. 

Most of Emma's artwork is deeply personal, representing the stories and struggles for vulnerable children, youth and families through whom she meets in her occupation. Emma prefers to paint with bright and vibrant acrylic colours in her artwork, as she hopes people see and feel what she is feeling when they look at her paintings.

'The little girl’s name in the painting is ‘Pansy’. This painting is dedicated to my paternal grandmother, Pansy. I never meet my grandmother but have a photo of her when she was a baby. She is holding a flower which connects me to her Country. On her dress is symbols of hills which connect me to her kinship family. This is how I see and think of my grandmother Pansy.' - Emma Bamblett  


Materials: 100% cotton, ink

Dimensions: approx. 70cm x 50cm 

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