Elizabeth Masters

Elizabeth Masters – Bowl in 'Morning Sky'



This generous bowl is perfect as a serving bowl at the table or alternatively as a decorative piece for the home. The pale blue glaze reflects light and reminds of wide blue skies.Hand Wash.

Elizabeth Masters is a ceramic artist who is based in the community of Chiltern/Yorta Yorta in North East Victoria. Through the use of simple form, Elizabeth searches for subjective qualities of quiet beauty within everyday objects. Motivated by a strong wish to make work functional and beautiful, Elizabeth finely crafts utilitarian and sculptural objects, using porcelain as her main material. Her work is primarily wheel thrown and altered with hand built elements.
She completed a Bachelor of Fine Art (ceramics) RMIT. Solo exhibitions include Stephen McLaughlan Gallery and she has been selected for award exhibitions.

Material: porcelain, glaze, high fire

Dimensions: approx. 25dia x 10.5cm

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