Elfrun Lach

Elfrun Lach — Long Pearl Drop 'Coral' Earrings in Black with Oxidised Sterling Silver Studs



Elfrun Lach hand cuts polypropelene into small circles and stacks with delicate white pearls to create a 'sea-creature' like form. 

Originally from Düsseldorf in Germany, Elfrun Lach studied Art History, Egyptology and Archaeology at Cologne University before moving to Melbourne and embarking on a degree in Silversmithing at RMIT University. Lach has exhibited in Australia and overseas and recently completed a Masters degree, researching the symbolism, historicity and materiality of coral in the context of contemporary artefact. "In the past coral has been imitated by glass, horn, rubber, bone and plastic, which only increased the demand for gem quality material. My exhibition aims to create an awareness of origin of the material and future implications of its use.

Material: oxidised sterling silver, pearls,

Dimensions: Approx. 8cm x. 1cm

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