Dorkus Design

Dorkus Design — Detour Sleeper in Black


Dorkus Design is a jewellery and form play project by Melbourne based designer and maker Stephanie Watt. Working primarily with laser cut pieces which are finished and assembled by hand, Steph is known for her minimal and eye catching designs. The designer’s loving use of bold colour painted by hand gives each piece its own individual mood. Strong underlying themes of play and humour, produce the wearables ‘feel good’ sensibility. Through studying Industrial Design at RMIT, Steph has further developed her practice by applying her knowledge of contemporary technology, while integrating handcrafted techniques. Her Industrial Design background is also visible in her exhibition works, where she experiments widely with sculpture and lighting concepts. This designer and maker lives with an ongoing chronic illness and has developed her practice to work with her physical capabilities.


Materials: Sterling Silver, acrylic

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