DNJ Paper

DNJ — Waxed Japanese Paper Cap in Purple


Paper cap made from handmade Japanese paper, finished with beeswax to make the cap water resistant (and smell incredible! This cap is painted with a light purple gouache. The paper was made by Senda Takanori in Mino, Japan. The lining fabric is made from a vintage silk kimono)

Moulds and softens over time with wear, can be worn in all weathers. 

DNJ Paper is an experimental paper studio founded by Daphne and Jake in 2020. The paper they use is handmade in Japan. They know exactly who made each sheet of paper that they use and have a surprising amount of information about each atelier and their methods.Each cap is handmade from scratch in limited edition small-scale runs in small batches of material and colour in their studio in Melbourne, Australia.

Deadstock, repurposed, or found fabric is hand-stitched to paper, then melted Australian beeswax is brushed on and the hat is lightly baked. The wax bonds the fibres of the hat and fabric, strengthening it and changing its materiality.

Materials: handmade japanese paper, Victorian beeswax, gouache.

Dimensions: approx. 12 x 17 x 16cm (fits medium)

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