DNJ Paper

DNJ Paper – 'Small Gathering, Iron Oxide' Vase, 2023


Stitched paper ichirin-zashi (single flower vase), constructed from hand-made Japanese paper. The paper is Yokoko wash, made in Okayama Prefecture by the Ueda family, and it's distinctive red colour and texture is an iron oxide dye. This vessel has been treated with organic beeswax, and is water-tight. The piece contains small pieces of fabric, saved during the production of other work. 

DNJ PAPER is a collaborative research project and fashion brand. Designers Daphne Mohajer va Pesaran and Jake Nakashima-Edwards use handmade Japanese paper (washi), made from the bark of the Paper Mulberry tree (Broussonetia Papyrifera) in small studios across Japan, to wearable items.

The designers use washi in traditional and nontraditional ways of making paper clothing in response to pressing social, aesthetic and conceptual questions emerging from contemporary fashion practice. These pieces are never "finished" and will change over time – let them wear, then be repaired.

DNJ PAPER was awarded the 2023 Uniform Commission for MPavillion 10, and exhibited at Australian Tapestry Workshop and Craft Victoria in 2023.

Everyone’s heard of a dragon  

Curated by James Lemon and Bobby Corica

11 November  23 – 27 January 24 

Read about the exhibition

Material: Handmade Washi (Yokono Washi) Machine Made Washi (Awagami Factory), Cotton Sashiko Thread, Australian Beeswax

Dimensions: approx. 20 x 12 x 12cm

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