Dianne Mangan

Dianne Mangan — 'Abstraction III' Sculptural Vessel


This series of contemporary works grew out of Mangan's own painting practice and works that were created during the years 2011-2020. She enjoys the freshness of every piece in this series. In addition every specific series differs from all others, this is determined by the throwing and form and the coloured slips and kiln firing.

Dianne Mangan has a background in visual art and design with ceramics as her primary early and current practice. She is based in Beechworth, North East Victoria. Through the hand formed pieces in many series her intention is to embrace references to the history of ceramics coupled with an awareness of the objectivity of the ceramic vessel/object. A dichotomy of sorts ensues – the personal hands-on approach to making, creating and forming, coupled with the universality of clay sculptural vessels and sculptural works.

Mangan holds a Diploma in Art & Design, Post Graduate in Fine Art from RMIT and a  Masters Degree in Art Administration from CoFA, UNSW.

Materials: porcelaneous clay, dark matt interior glaze, three different applied coloured clay slip exterior brushed surface.

Dimensions: approx. 10 x 9.5cm

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