Danielle Barrie

Danielle Barrie — 'Large Wave' Earrings with Lilac Pearls


Silver earrings with beaded wire accents and an organically shaped section removed from each edge. The surface of each gently convex earring has been lightly hammered. The earrings hang from handmade sterling silver hooks. Let it rain! The mighty rangelands flourish even though it is an ecosystem that receives small amounts of rain compared to some coastal or rainforest environments. The hammered surface with beaded wire inserts combined create an effect like a rain shower falling across the surface of a puddle, dam, creek or river.

Danielle Barrie is a jewellery designer and maker based in Adelaide/Kaurna Country. Barrie's distinctive geometric style incorporates asymmetric components, precious gemstones and pearls. She hand-working metal as a material to be both humbling and satisfying in equal measure.

Barrie aims to create work that the wearer will reach for regularly, as part of their daily ritual, forming part of their life and memories. Durability and wearability are essential to her works. While exploring the complex history of jewellery through using ancient skills rooted in craftsmanship she hopes to create playfully refined pieces that uplift and embolden the wearer. Barrie holds a Bachelor of Visual Art (Specialisation Jewellery and Metal) UniSA, (Adelaide), Jewellery and Metal Associate JamFactory, (Adelaide).

Material: sterling silver, lilac potato pearls

Dimensions:  3.7 x 2 x 0.4cm

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