Katie-Ann Houghton

Katie-Ann Houghton – Handblown 'Halo' Whisky Glass in Blue


Hand blown whiskey glass in pale blue, studded with a timber handle. The perfect companion for the Halo decanter with timber stopper.

Designed and handcrafted by Katie-Ann Houghton, KAH aims to challenge the culture of mass consumption by creating work with innovative design and handmade quality. Katie's design philosophy is based around the idea that the objects that we engage with every day should engage our senses and bring us joy through use. Designed to be both functional and practical, KAH aims to change the conventional expectations of tableware, and have us view each piece as both a piece of contemporary design and an object of use. Katie-Ann Houghton is an Artist, Designer and Maker based in Sydney Australia. Her contemporary works are inspired by early 20th Century Design and embody a decade long passion for traditional Venetian glassmaking techniques>

Material: blown glass, timber

Dimensions: 9 x 9 x 9cmcm

4 pieces in stock

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