Claybia – 'Large Rave On Bottle' in Black, 2024


GROWLERS is a collection of glazed stoneware and porcelain pieces drawing inspiration from both ordinary, mundane everyday objects, and a world inhabited by extraordinary creatures.

The ruins of the structure unveiled multiple archaeological scatter sites emerging from the urban stratum. The basaltic soil conditions played a crucial role in the superb preservation of the organic debris, believed to have been left behind by ancient ravens. On examination this proved to be primarily butts, shells, animal bones and a collection of unidentified creatures, some seemingly self- assembled from the refuse. Eroded by temporal processes and enveloped in sedimentary deposits comprising soil and rocks, the debris remains undisturbed.

Claybia is a ceramic collaboration between Cassandra Chilton and Molly O'Shaughnessy, both members of the Hotham Street Ladies art collective. Their practice is centred around non traditional sculpture, exploring the darker sides of art and life, humour, feminism, the everyday, the misshapen, the peculiar, and drawing on our shared sinister ceramic history.

Material: stoneware, glaze

Dimensions: approx. 30 x 14 x 12cm

1 piece in stock.

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