Christopher Plumridge

Christopher Plumridge — Food Disc in Black Crystal Matte


An impressive platter by Christopher Plumridge in his specialty crystal matte glaze.

Christopher Plumridge is the artist behind Claystone Pottery in Highett, Victoria. His work is highly regarded for its precision, studied form and exquisite use of glazes. Originally studying in the 70s under Chinese, Japanese, English and Australian potters, his work has been featured in countless publications and his thriving practice includes commissions for the likes of Attica and the National Gallery of Australia. His outstanding work with glazes is the result of long term development of formulae he originally began testing as a student and have been refined through years of practice. This extensive research and development ensures that the colour, texture and depth remain utterly unique. His pieces are some of the last of individually made industrial quality, commercial ceramic wares to be created in Australia. 


Material: porcelain

Dimensions: approx 1cm x 45cm

Dishwasher and Microwave Safe. 

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