Cheryl Edwards

Cheryl Edwards – 'Aqueous Green #2', 2023



Aqueous Green #2 is an art piece using the Murrini technique. It is made with sheets of coloured glass that are stacked together then heated and stretched. it's subtle organic shape is formed in a kiln using gravity and heat.

Cheryl Edwards is a glass artist based in Melbourne. Cheryl started her art journey as a studio potter. This would lead to her studying glass making and a complete switch of art mediums. In 2003 she finished a Bachelor of Applied Arts in Glass from Monash University. After graduating children arrived on the scene and her art practice took a back seat for quite a while. Fast forward to the COVID pandemic, a forced hiatus at home and she was finally inspired to build her studio. The Italian glass technique known as Murrini captivates her. She uses this complex technique of creating beautiful intricate patterns in glass. Cheryl creates vessels that convey feelings associated with places and moods. Drawing from her many travels as inspiration. She forms her large organic vessels in her kiln using the thermal fluidity of glass and gravity. Using this technique to produce subtle undulating patterns with intricate colours and textures.

Material: murrini glass, hot formed murrini, kiln formed, sandblasted

Dimensions: 24 x 25cm

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