Brendon Collins

Brendon Collins — 'Titan' Australian 10,000 Years Ancient Redgum and Silver Ring


This ring has been made from ancient redgum timber which has been carbon dated to be 10,000 years old. The redgum has been buried for thousands of years under layers of river sediment. In that time it has been absorbing minerals in the soil and turned from red to almost black.

Western Australia-born jeweller, Brendon Collins, creates unique timber jewellery that embodies his passion for geometric composition, the natural richness of timber, and his steadfast commitment to the traditional aspects of his craft and training. Now based in Melbourne Brendon creates a beautiful range of handcrafted production pieces, alongside one-off works from his exquisite range of native and exotic timbers. Medicine wood (bright orange) pink ivory wood (pink), ebony (black) and sandalwood (golden yellow) are just a few of the amazing natural coloured timbers in his collection. These beautiful timbers are combined with silver, gemstones and more unusual materials such as cast concrete, acrylic, clam and ostrich shell to create truly unique works.

Materials: Australian ancient redgum, sterling silver

Size: Size V and T

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