Bobby Corica

Bobby Corica — 'Domestico Necklace I', 2024 (Commission)


A sterling silver necklace handcrafted for your treasured pet, yourself ... or both! Made from 925 Silver, each link is formed, soldered and finished by hand. 

About the Domestico Necklace:

"For too long our beloved animal kin have been forced to wear garish coloured straps around their necks. They have been subject to the tasteless aesthetic of the commonplace pet stores, and forced to look meek when they could look glam and chic. My first iterations of these necklaces were for our dog (Beatrix) and cat (Jemima), and once placed around their necks and weeped with gratitude as I tossed their decimated bright pink collars aside. They are much happier now, they told me themselves. So I ask you this: Do you want your best friend to be happy and stylish? Or do you hate them?" - Bobby Corica.


Bobby Corica is a silversmith and jewellery designer based in Melbourne/Naarm. His work references genetics, memory and family, drawing from his Italian heritage. Chain making techniques intersect with his love of recycling waste materials, resulting in diverse, one-off pieces.

Corica exhibited in the New Assemblage Showcase for Melbourne Design Week, 2022 and the group exhibition Pearlescent at JamFactory, 2022. He has adapted a self-directed learning style leading to a less restricted and more intuitive approach to his practice.

Pet Shop Shop

16 Mar - 27 May 2024

Presenting works by Bobby Corica, Clumsy, James Lemon, Luke George, Pim Pom, Three Litres

The pet shop of puppy dreams, Craft presents a fantastical pet shop experience like no other. Pick up a hyper-colour hand knotted rope collar and leash from CraftyPuppr (AKA Luke George) or a stylish pet beds handmade by Clumsy that you and your furry friend will be equally proud of. Available for a limited time only.


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Material: solid 925 silver

Dimensions: 38cm as a standard dog collar. This neckpiece can be custom made to required measurements. 

Please note, all works will be available for collection at the end of the exhibition on May 4.

Commission available with 3-4 week lead time.


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