Anna Davern

Anna Davern — Large Baguette Rocks Earrings in Diamond


Inspired by the great diamonds of the world and the stories that accompany them (and believing that everyone should be able to feel like royalty), Anna Davern creates large and lightweight printed aluminium jewellery that will add a touch of drama and playfulness to any occasion.

Practicing, teaching and exhibiting within the field of conceptual and fine jewellery making, Anna Davern plays an important and satirical role in the Australian jewellery landscape. Having a practice that incorporates the making of fine jewellery in gold, silver and gemstones, her work also delves into Australian colonial politics with sharp critique, employing traditional jewellery making techniques to collage and animate colonial imagery and illuminate the culturally ridiculous.

Anna’s collections exhibited in the Craft Victoria space display these two aspects of her making. With a collection of beautifully crafted, weighted and formed pendants, Anna’s skill as a jeweller is clear to see. Alongside these pieces are her well-known collection of magnified photo-realistic gem earrings, guaranteed to make a magical and colourful statement.

Materials: aluminium

Dimensions: 10.5cm x 5.5cm .

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