Anke Kindle

Anke Kindle – 'Scrubber Neckpiece', 2023


The neckpiece on display entitled 'Hexeloch' translates to witch's hole and refers to a dark, romantic valley nestled into the side arm of the river Elz. The piece envisages the geographic location of wise women and the prosecution of their knowledge by the religious teachings of the dominant clergy. The domestic broom and its bristles are associated with women's work and stand symbolic of women's knowledge around the healing properties of plants as well as the use of plant fibres and parts.

Studio Blau. is an object and jewellery design workshop that uses the brush as decorative, ornamental device to question the politics of inanimate, domestic objects and the politics that go in hand with these inanimate objects. As such Studio Blau has delved into the making of brushworks that can be displayed on the body as jewellery yet are bold statements that question the meaning and stories we ascribe to inanimate entities such as the works we choose to be adorned by and with. Studio Blau. examines the concept of the brush in the broader cultural context. The production of the brushworks are both traditional and conceptual. The brush itself changes from purely functional to a highly ornamental object without an obvious function beyond its decorative purpose. This allows for questions about the meaning and purpose of the object itself.


Ara Dolatian / Anke Kindle / Cassie Leatham / Juan Castro / Liv Boyle / Louise Meuwissen / Zaiba Khan

Guest curated by artist and jeweller Zaiba Khan, Invocations delves into the realm of living objects.

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Material: copper, sterling silver, horse hair, 9K yellow gold, glass beads, celery Top

Dimensions: approx. 4 x 5 x 45cm

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