Ella Saddington

Ella Saddington — Remnant Explorations Vessel, 2021-2022


Working with left-over denim scraps from the Future from Waste Lab project, the Remnant Exploration Series explores how remnants can be used as structural fibres to form functional wares. Exhibited as part of Alternate Provisions.

Cordon Salon is a design studio based in Naarm/Melbourne founded in 2018 by Ella Saddington. The studio uses research, collaboration and experimentation as a method to speculate on alternative approaches to contemporary craft and design. Often working with lost, forgotten or overlooked materials or processes to achieve innovative outcomes whilst honouring materials and traditional craftsmanship.

Work by the studio has been exhibited in Melbourne Design Week, Sydney Design Week, Craft contemporary and Melbourne Design Fair along with Sophie Gannon Gallery and Oigall projects.

Alternative Provisions, 2022 presents the work of designers and makers expanding material practice as an act of making good. The exhibition explores how unexpected and under-utilised materials, driven by the notion of 'reuse', are developed and used in interesting ways by today's makers. The exhibitors each forage for their material, whether organic matter or discarded waste product, to create works that offer production alternatives, as well as a means to tell new stories.

By joining these makers in their search for more mindful provisions, we are lead to re-evaluate how we engage with materials for production and the potential presented by seeking conscious alternatives.

Presented as part of Melbourne Design Week, Alternative Provisions joins the broader conversation on the environmental implications of human presence and the revaluation of our actions. Let's make good on our responsibilities to the environment through creative innovation.

Material: Denim scraps, bio epoxy

Dimensions: Dimensions variable

Please enquire for acquisition at shop@craft.org.au or contact our curator Eliza at etiernan@craft.org.au

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