Abby Seymour

Abby Seymour — 'Aurora' Threader Earrings in 9kt Gold


The Aurora Threader features three amulets, each linked together with fine beaded joins and suspended by a chain which threads delicately through the ear. Its surface pattern reflects and highlights radial sunray details capturing the feel of Australian summer.

The Aurora earrings sway and move with the wearer, making for an elegant, lightweight everyday earring.


Abby Seymour’s practice spans jewellery, objects and print. Abby’s practice began as a printmaker, and the nuanced and personal line and dot patterning that characterise her jewellery and ceramics have evolved from this formative background in consideration of surface.

Textural detailing and a distinct language of patterning combine with a subtlety of form in Abby’s works, and through her application to detail and the hand finishing of every piece, she is both conscious of creating a sustainable practice, and also of pushing her artisanal abilities. Working in silver, brass, porcelain and gold for Craft Victoria, Abby’s beautiful pieces are made to combine with any of the other pieces in her range, encouraging personal interpretation and fun.


Materials: 9kt yellow gold

Dimensions: 11 x 7.5mm

This design is part of the Oceana collection which captures both the complexity and simplicity of Australia’s seascape. Each piece is an abstraction of marine life, harmoniously balancing intricate organic details with understated beauty.

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